lundi, mars 30, 2009

Dr. Phil(andering)

I read a quote once by a doctor, who said, "I'm sick of people saying beauty is only skin deep. What do you want, a beautiful pancreas?"

That said, everyone--and I mean that seriously--EVERYONE has some physical beauty about them that should be appreciated right along with the more intrinsic qualities we all strive to recognize. The body and the spirit make the soul.
Problem is, you have to be honest about it or it doesn't count. You can't tell someone with a bad haircut how great it looks. On the other hand, our society has gone so poncey that you can't tell someone when something isn't working. I guess all you can do is look for the beauty, artfully change the subject, and be honest about something that works.

Problem there is, with some people you have to look long and hard, and the reception of compliments like "your pancreas functions beautifully" is always a little awkward.
Or maybe all this pseudo philosophical falderal is simply my chronic avoidance technique, and the real problem is, I'm nice. I want people to understand their inner beauty and feel good about themselves. So I say nice things, which honestly come from the heart, and sometimes people get the wrong idea.

The other problem is, I'm a shameless flirt. I want hot women to understand their outer beauty and feel good about me. So I say nice things, which come from the heart, and sometimes people get the right idea.

It's your classic lose/lose scenario.
And it has to be what inspired the great Franz Liszt to say: "Truth is a great flirt."

2 commentaires:

.när'sĭ-sĭz'əm. a dit...

i always fel wrong about comments that form in my head. i see beauty slash straight up hot all around me and its not that i want these people i just want to touch them for a second or tell them congrats on being nice looking. it sounds creepier than it is.

s.k.namanny a dit...

I know exactly what you are saying. Exactly. But with me, sometimes it is actually creepier than it sounds. Which is really saying something.