lundi, août 11, 2008

The Onion

We would be amiss if we failed to pause and raise our voices in collective praise to brilliance where and when we find it.

If you already visit on a regular basis, then this will be nothing but another chance to agree with Girl Pants. If you already read the onion in print, but have yet to visit their website, this post will not necessarily change your life, but it remains a revelation of sorts. If you have never heard of "The Nation's Finest News Source," then I'm about to make your day, and at least one day a week for the rest of your life.

Please to be visiting immediately. Absorb their completely revolutionary and consistently hilarious take on local, national, and global events. Watch all their videos. All of them. There are hundreds in their archive, but there isn't one that will disappoint you. Order their books, (starting with Our Dumb Century). Don't read it in the bathroom, because you'll spend hours in there, laughing out loud. People will get the wrong idea.

Before there was the daily show, there was The Onion (many of their writers now write for the Daily). Considering their amazing, juggernautesque track record, I don't think it hyperbole to state that The Onion is, quite simply, the greatest, most inspiringly funny presence on the internet. [And one could write an entirely separate post paying tribute to their A.V. Club, which consistently offers the most insightful commentary on the entertainment industry (movies in especial) available on-line.]

They certainly don't need my advocacy, or your patronage. But do yourself a favor. Log on to The Onion at least once a week.

2 commentaires:

pssst a dit...

I liked The Onion before The Onion was cool.

s.k.namanny a dit...

The Onion was ALWAYS cool. Just like Kirstie.