vendredi, août 26, 2005

Learn a new word everyday.

The word of the day is PIMPNOTIZE.

It refers to the mental effect a dope-ass pimp has on his humble employees. When a ho can't say no, even when she know he a bad man. She been pimpnotized.

By extension, if a non pimp has mesmerized you in any way, and you have, against your better judgment, complied with his wishes in any way--you may have been pimpnotized.

You might hear it pronounced with an M. Pimp-mo-tized. This is accepted, and in some places may even be the predominant usage, but it is, technically, an linguistical error. Pay close attention, whereas in some areas it may behoove you to adopt the local pronunciation.

It is considered poor decorum for a man to refer to himself as a pimpnotizer. This title should only be conferred by the pimpnotized, and to claim the title on one's own can only mean that one is, as it were, compensating.

The word can be particularly effective when attempting to warn a friend of her imminent descension into an unhealthy relation, or relationship. As in, "Baby, don't let yourself be pimpnotized by this loser! He flash alotta bling, but he ain't no good!"

Immediate implementation is encouraged.


2 commentaires:

kirstie a dit...

What about the uses of the word "pimpnotic," how would you apply that version? Can a playa be described by stupid women in this way: "look at his gold tooth and supa fly hat, he is so pimpnotic"?

Is "pimpnotization" a state of being a pimpnotizer?

Ahhhh, language

s.k.namanny a dit...

Very close, my dear. In the pejorative sense, pimpnotic (excellent variant! Love you for using it!)has often been used to describe many a fly playa. However, the playa in question could only be truly pimpnotic when the element of danger (or the quality of not being good for you) was recognized by the user of the word. In short, the "stupid women" think themselves hypnotized, the smart ones recognize that they have merely been pimpnotized. It takes a supafly sista to catch onto and elucidate the process of pimpnotization.

Lord luv a duck, you're the bee's knees, K. I hope you ain't neva been pimpnotized.