vendredi, septembre 18, 2009

Little Armageddon on the Prairie.

Officially, freedom in representative government ended when the Federal Reserve was formed by unconstitutional executive fiat early in the last century. But let us put aside that depressing little fact (and the attendant story, which is too long to tell here) and break down the death of democracy the only way a modern mind can conceive: Let us make a list.

Having watched for the signs, I believe I can with confidence elucidate the
4 horsemen of Democracy's Apocalypse.

1) THE CHILD. When educated, stable, caring, responsible people are having 1.5 kids per household, and abusive, classless, ignorant, drug addled, publicly dependent households are DOUBLING that (by the most conservative estimates), there is simply no hope. When those who depend on the government are simply outbreeding those who contribute to it, Doom is automatic. There is no politically correct polish you can put on this. And no label you slap on the prophet pointing it out will alter the outcome. Every individual has an inherent nobility and an infinite potential blah blah blah. When this imbalance occurs, it's over.

2) THE PRESS. When the fourth estate is beholden to the government it was set aside by the framers to monitor, all is lost. When those ostensibly charged with dispensing information to an informed electorate are motivated by ideology, by partisanship and profit, only a fool hopes that the system can survive. Where you just caught thinking of Keith Olberman? of Sean Hannity? They are simply the extremes that reinforce each other, and they are only a symptom, hemorrhoids, if you will, resulting from a deeper imbalance of pressures from a constipated core.
3) THE FAT ONE. With sincere apologies to the beautiful overweight people all over America who get up everyday and contribute to society in dynamic ways, it must be observed that no government has ever existed that can govern a sedentary citizenry. Greece, Rome, and everyone before, between and since has crumbled when Prosperity became Opulence. In that sense, fat and sassy spells the end. Blame television. Blame the fast food industry. Blame the video games. The why doesn't matter.

4) THE CONTROL FREAK. Not me. The other control freak. A.K.A. THE LAWYER, THE NANNY STATE, or the Suer. (Hey, rhymes with sewer!). It appears in many forms: the government that wants to take care of you and the people who think that's OK; the litigious bastavich who thinks an arm broken on a neighbor's trampoline, or a lung full of cancer, or a blistered belly from coffee that was hot is a ticket to easy street; the ambulance chaser and the system that supports the fleecing of good people for honest mistakes, setting up money as the arbiter of justice. Beware of this one. It is the most subtle of all the horsemen. It admits to being evil, but rightfully calls itself necessary in a nation of laws. Once it has enough avatars and acolytes in society, the people might (for a time) be very well protected and provided for, but NO ONE IS TRULY FREE.

Luckily, these harbingers of impending doom remain far off, in a nightmare future.

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Dratski! a dit...

um, have to disagree... you can't equate MSNBC and FOX... no, no, no... watch Rachel... I agree Oberman is a windbag, but sheesh.
.. regarding 4 horsemen, if you're against the nanny state, don't you have to let people eat mucho cheeseburgers?

.när'sĭ-sĭz'əm. a dit...

pretty moving.

you know, sometimes i think your speak with a british accent.

dont know why.

hello again.

s.k.namanny a dit...

Absolutely you have to leave people free to eat whatever they want, you cannot regulate it in any way under our constitution. (That said, a private insurance company has every right to charge more for obese people or drop them entirely). People in a free state have to be trusted to eat well and take care of themselves. (We see the result). That's the double edged sword that has killed democracy every time. Which might just be what lead Winston Churchill to observe that "Democracy is the worst form of government--except for all the others."
And yes, you can consider MSNBC different from Fox in the following way: they are the other side of the same coin.

When I speak to myself alone in my car, it is ALWAYS with a british accent. Who told?

Dratski! a dit...

the other day while forcing myself to clean my bathroom and scrub my toilet I found myslef talking myself in a german accent.. hmmmm

OK, I agree, MSNBC & FOX have the same agenda- selling ads to targeted audiences, whether "rightwing" or "leftwing" they don't care -- just want to profit. I think FOX news is buffonery but I like their shows - Simpsons & Seinfeld, whereas I like Rachel Maddow's politics on MSNBC, but then the same station puts on predatory "to catch a predator" shit and voyeristic "in lock-up" drivel.

Sometimes stations do rise above the avarice - CBS in the 50s -- have you seen Good Night,Good Luck about Murrow?