lundi, janvier 19, 2009

Just Another Day

Officials are considering a ban on the word "historic."  The phrase "first black president" is also under scrutiny.  [Ignoring the essential inaccuracy, those who don't know by now that the president is the first of mixed heritage don't deserve to be told.  Those of us who already know, (and love and appreciate) the fact, don't need to be punished by being told over and over again.]  Those who will be discussing the events of the day are strongly encouraged to say something NOT so useless.
What that might be, I have no idea.  Let's think about this together.  We know he is smart, well read, articulate (when NOT speaking off the cuff) and good looking.  We know the address itself was predestined to be eloquent and inspiring.  We also know that a magazine in Britain has ridiculously posited that our new president is redefining the male physique.  But these are commonalities.  Let's dig a little.

You might comment on the abject lack of class of Obama's supporters, as they booed and jeered (and sang the infantile 'Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye' song) when they espied the departing president, who used his final radio address to thank us all.  For what I don't know, but it was gracious and dignified, in stark contrast to Obama supporters who marred what was otherwise a gracious and dignified inauguration.  If you smiled even for a second, or in any way approved of the incidents in question, or especially if there is a slight chance that you might have joined in the trashy hullabaloo, then I have a sharpie waiting for you to write "CLASSLESS ASS" on yourself when next we meet.  Perhaps I'll sink to your level and skip the middle man and write it on your car.  

You might explore the idea that the millions being spent on these proceedings are out of place for a man who is a friend to the poor in general, and in these difficult times specifically.  You might read a little history and peruse the account of Thomas Jefferson's inauguration, wherein he shunned all pomp and circumstance for a quiet dinner with close friends and associates.  You might imagine what good could be done with all this money.  You did so when you heard how much Sarah Palin was spending on her wardrobe.  Why not for this, or for the Academy Awards?  You might wonder about the 600 private jets that landed in DC for the event.  Or observe that the entire affair has been dominated by rich fat cat out of touch people just like any other inauguration [except Jefferson's!]  A new day is indeed dawning, where we don't have to hate rich white people anymore--as long as they visibly supported Obama.  Huzzah!

You might justifiably snicker about the words that got jumbled during the oath of office.  Was Chief Justice Roberts a little nervous, or was that a touching tribute to W?

You might help someone who has already voted for a black man in a presidential election three times, who really doesn't give a tinker's taint what color someone is, why he is supposed to feel differently about this event than any other of its kind.  LET ME MAKE THIS PAINFULLY CLEAR: I am moved to the point of tears when I think that we are experiencing a peaceful transition of power yet again.  I am inspired by the genius and majesty of system that not only limits and divides authority, but gives the people an opportunity to transfer presidency from one person to another (from a person who doesn't do well with a tele-prompter to someone who does--huzzah!).  These feelings do not obligate me to have a personal interest in the demagogue who is ensconced on this day or any other.    
Donny the socialist at work is full of joy, and went on and on about how miserable these last eight years have been, then recited the litany of his emotional state during every presidency since Kennedy.  His argument was essentially this: when there was a president with whom he agreed, everything is GREAT!  When there was a guy he didn't like, the world was a shit hole.  So, I guess we can all be happy for poor Donny, who can finally pare down his therapy and whiskey bills.  [For the record, Donny has had a GREAT 8 years.  He is better off now than he ever has been his entire life.  I guess if he can attribute that to Obama, then more power to him.]

But what if my sense of hope and well being is not IN ANY WAY, NOT FOR ONE SECOND attached or connected to the person or party sitting in the oval office? I didn't care about the Carter, Regan, Bush, or Clinton inaugural.  There isn't anything about this one to get me to start.  You hate me now, but sorry: it's just another day.  

Even so, heart felt congratulations and best of luck to President Obama [and the masses who have their identity and sense of hope wrapped up in him], here's hoping the next four years are . . . historic.     

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