mardi, octobre 14, 2008

Ear Peace

Sitting in this Internet cafe, surrounded by up and coming go-getters, I came to realize how judgemental I am.

People sitting in a crowded room talking through a blue tooth head set appear to be talking to themselves. Or, if you can see the ear piece, they present, for all intents and purposes, as freelance telemarketers. People who love talking to distant parties so deeply that they can't stop the conversation, even to order a beverage, or enjoy a quiet moment.

And I think they look stupid.

But I have to get used to it. In the Bright and Shiny Future, there just isn't going to be a reason to hold a phone to your ear. I might ask myself a simple question: Did the denizens of the Federation of Planets grouse when the Next Generation replaced their archaic "communicators" with those super slick chest insignia models?

1 commentaire:

.när'sĭ-sĭz'əm. a dit...

hah. i work in a cafe and i always think those people are talking to me.
i feel left behind in the world of technology when i realize theyre not.