mardi, mai 08, 2007

I Agree with Jason

Something has to stop. Now. It is the constant misuse of the term ANAL.

ATTENTION, ALL YE ENDS OF THE EARTH: "Anal" means "having to do with the anus." That is all it means. I can't figure out why anyone commiserating about shopping or talking about someone's housecleaning prowess would bring up their anus. And even if you are making reference to the "anal retentive" state elucidated by Freud, that doesn't mean what you think it means. I believe what the guilty, and all their anal ilk, mean to say is "fastidious," or something along that vein.

So let's all stop this clear and corrosive adulteration of our language. If my impotent screed here doesn't cure you, google the word "anal" just once, even with the safe search on. It will take you a good long while to find a reference to someone who is detail oriented or germ phobic. And you will NEVER misuse it again.

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James a dit...

Why must you be so anal about everything?