lundi, avril 02, 2007

The Latest Greatest Best Band Ever

Read the archives and you'll know: in this space, every attempt is made to avoid being divisive. If anything, we promote healing though finding the sane middle ground between the extremes.

But every once in a while, one has to make a stand and healing be damned.

Let us therefore make the following proclamation:

If you have never listened to The Decemberists, you suck.

Furthermore, if you have listened to them and you think they suck, then your brain has been eaten, and you have joined the zombie hoards that have besieged humanity since Industrialization. You should be spurned as one might spurn a rabid dog.

So listen to them, will you? All this spurning is making me tired.

1 commentaire:

James a dit...

I do love the Decemberists.

I must admit that Crane Wife was a bit of a let down after the brilliance that is Picaresque (my top album from '05). Crane Wife has its moments but it just is not as solid all the way through like Picaresque. "Yankee Bayonett" is by far my favorite track from CW. "Landlord's Daughter" is a fun one as well.

I have attempted to delve deeper into their back catalog but nothing else has grabbed me as of yet.

Anyway, yeah great band. You taste is beyond reproach. For now.