mardi, novembre 07, 2006


I caught myself.

On the verge of writing about the way Billy Ray Cyrus seems to have ressurected himself (sans mullet) through the surprise hit Hannah from Montana, the realization struck me that three posts about country music stars in a row would give the reader a wrong impression. (And when I say "the reader" I mean the one person reading this--but it still matters)

Luckily the greatest comedy genius of our time came along and put us all back on track.

Mark my words, Borat is going to become the seminal cultural/comedic experience of the decade. And everyone I ask gives me the same comment. Essentially: I feel dirty and violated, and I don't think I could sit through it again--but I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED LIKE THATat a movie.

I know I have to see it. However (and this will surprise "the reader") I am trepidatious, because the "dirty and violated" aspect is something I try to avoid. Has there ever been a movie that repulsed and beckoned, sickened and satisfied to such extremes, and simultaneously?

Does that make it a work of Art, or a train wreck?

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sydney a dit...

hey, i'm on here every once in a while. That gives you at least TWO readers. Plus, that girl from Thiland...are you counting her?

Anyway, Borat. I feel exactly like that and the primary president side of me wants to tell you to run away from the train wreck. Save yourself from the imagery. oh, the imagery.

Then the side that laughed until i nearly peed thinks you'd be crazy to miss it. Plus, you can stomach Sarah Silverman. Ah, you'll be fine. Just don't go alone. Have someone there that can tell you when to close your eyes and then keep them shut for at least 10 minutes.

Have Fun!

p.s. i like how your in country music lover denial.

sydney a dit...

and yes. i found the typos.

kirstie a dit...

As your "reader" (is it me? is it me?) I am interested to read what you have to say now that you have seen Borat.

To me, watching the movie was like childbirth. It's not so painful when you look back on it - and I never laughed so hard. But, unlike childbirth, I don't think I will do it again, especially not three times.

While I enjoy watching people being exposed and mocked for the bafoons they really are, I also like a balance of the scales, expose people for being wonderful too (not funny I know). . . And like a statistical analysis, how does one know that several variables did not slant the results?

But it goes without saying, Mr. Cohen is one balls-y M***er F***er. That's entertainment.