dimanche, juin 05, 2005

The Dark Side of the Force

It became apparent that at least two thematic elements of the postings were diametrically opposed. Blogs such as The Apricot Tree are now in better company on another blog, called Leavings.

This dealio is for girl's pants and related sass. Take it or leave it.

But for those who perseverate, there may be a gold sequined G-string in your future. What else do you wear under pants like these?

Has anyone seen that photo being circulated on the "Internet" of two Iraqi children, holding a sign that reads: "Still safer here than at Michael Jackson's house."

There is an American Soldier yukking in the background. I suppose one's take on it depends entirely upon whether you thrice daily crap your pants over who is president, or not. As a public service, we hereby provide sundry captions you can attach to the photo if you are unfortunate enough to have a "friend" who loves you enough to send it to you.

Version 1: Funny--but when Michael is acquitted and his comeback is complete, you'll be eating those words.

Version 2: When Michael releases his groundbreaking Live from Folsom Prison album, you'll jump right back on the bandwagon.

Version 3: Those boys have nothing to worry about, they're too brown for Michael.

Version 4: The military is just trying to innoculate you against the horrific injustice of their upcoming attack on the Neverland Ranch.

Version 5: So the WMD's were hidden in the Neverland Ranch all along?

Version 6: Is that a soldier or a Daily Show correspondent?

Version 7: A recently leaked memo from the Pentagon reveals the depth and scope of this embarrasing cover up. The soldier in the photo is a minute man, and the so-called Iraqi children are actually migrant workers from Mexico.

Version 8: I didn't know we had threatened them with weekends at Michael Jackson's (now THAT's propaganda!).

Version 9: "Dearest Michael, This little picture is the way the Illuminati have chosen to inform you that your application for membership has been officially rejected. Sorry Michael, you're out. No more cuddle parties with W and the rest of the Evil Whities you've tried so desperately to join. You've just got too much baggage, man. And they were starting to wonder if your contact with the Aliens wasn't just a little trumped up on your application. Shouldn't they have ended this trial with fire from above already? If you are indeed acquitted, you can re-apply in 6 months, but the standard 25 million dollar filing fee will again be applied. In the mean time, please cease and desist any and all contact with Saddam Hussein."

I have to get a haircut.


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